Please Read

Thank you for downloading this plan. We hope you enjoy it and make the progress you are looking for. 

This plan consists of only bike and run sessions, though presumably, you are a triathlete and will require some swim training, too. 

 We have priced this plan to reflect that you may need to purchase a swim programme. Swimming is much more specific to each person, and this approach allows you to choose the right swim plan for your time, ability, skill and objectives. 

 We have yet to include S&C programmes. Whilst we acknowledge that many coaches do, we also believe this is more specific to each person. Most people will benefit from a programme that addresses any issues or requirements they have. This may come in the form of a generic downloadable plan, but one that identifies the appropriate issues for them, or it may be a custom plan from a local S&C coach. 

This programme makes some assumptions:

1. You know your FTP and have tested it relatively recently. 

2. This is not week 1 after a month in the off-season - this is 'proper' training, albeit starting off lighter than we will finish. 

3. Run sessions are set by power - we tend to use a STRYD, but the sessions will work with other running power meters, just don't mix the power data as they are not comparable between manufacturers (unlike bike PMs).

How to use the plan 

One of the key principles of this plan is the continual loading without significant rest periods. Many plans work on a 2 or 3-week on, 1-week off style or a variation of it. 

This plan is designed for conditioned athletes. You don't have to be fast but you do need to have an endurance training history of at least 2 - 3 years. With this plan, we want the load to gradually build week on week for several weeks; as such, the load in the first few weeks will not feel tough, and you should not be overly fatigued during this period. 

We do schedule a day off every 2 weeks, which helps to manage the overload. 

This approach allows you to steadily and consistently build fitness. There is a longer recovery period scheduled in the middle of this plan, this can be moved to make the most of your time. If you get to this week, but feel you do not need the rest yet, could you substitute the following week of full training for the recovery period and save this for later in the programme? This may sound a little odd, considering how many plans write scheduled rest periods, but we recognise that even if you follow this plan exactly as written, there will always be a slightly different response between athletes. 

We also cannot factor in your life, work commitments, travel, weather, environment, etc. To mitigate these, we write the plans we produce with a degree of flexibility. 

If you have used Training Peaks for any length of time, you will have seen the TSS score and hopefully noticed ATL, CTL and TSB; these should be used alongside how you feel to help manage the minutia of the day-to-day programme. We have a more detailed guide on how to do this on this LINK. These variables come in for a lot of criticism in some quarters, but if you use them carefully and realise that each one is a component of the big picture, not the picture itself, you can use them to manage your plan much more effectively.