Individual Triathlon Swim Technique Sessions

Why should you consider an Individual Technique Session (ITS)?

If you want to make significant and long-term changes to your swimming technique, a one-to-one session is the most effective method.  

With one swimmer to focus on, we can get into the key issues that affect your swimming technique and address them directly. 

Video analysis and feedback are crucial parts of this process as most people need to see what they are doing wrong, and even when shown the video, comment that they had not realised what they were doing.  

What happens during Individual Technique Sessions

Our ITS come as a package of three sessions.  Prior to the session, we ask for a short questionnaire to identify your aims and goals and your prior experience in swimming and technical development. 

Session 1

After a short warm-up, we capture the first video footage, which includes:-

  • full-length shots from both sides
  • A head-on perspective
  • A birdseye view
  • Above water from the side

We transfer this to OnForm, which allows us to go over some of the critical aspects with you poolside (~10 - 15 min).

For the remainder of the session, we will begin to work on those critical aspects, using drills, more feedback, video, and probably some new toys! 

After the session, we will complete a much more detailed full analysis and post this to OnForm, where you can view it and ask questions. 

We will also include some more videos of relevant drills. 

We also offer an add-on which provides a customised programme you can add to your swimming.  This is bespoke to your and your requirements, from a technical perspective, as well as the time and frequency of sessions.  Please ask about this at the time of booking. 

Session 2

This can be scheduled when you are ready to move on. During this session, the majority of the time is spent in the water, first assessing the progress you have made and then working on the next stage of development. 

Using OnForm we also post ad-hoc videos to help you execute your drills and technique better with comments and voiceovers.

Session 3

We start along the same lines as session 2 but finish with a more detailed video analysis, similar to the initial one.  We can use the previous captures to show progress and where you need to work on next

After you have completed the initial three sessions, we will take bookings for individual sessions, so you can continue your progress. 

What should I expect to learn?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered?

Due to the uniquely tailored approach of our 1:1 Swim Technique Sessions, the content is down to the individual swimmer's needs. We will do a  profile early in the session, and then we will be able to use this to maximise your time during the rest of the session. 

We look at:

    • Mobility & flexibility
    • Kick
    • Body Position
    • Breathing
    • Rotation
    • Alignment
    • Arm action

In order to improve technique, you need to have the foundations set effectively, so we start at this point and work forwards.  To effectively change the technique you need repetition and not too many things to think about, so sessions may only end up focussing upon 1 or 2 areas.

Who are 1 to 1 sessions for?

This session is for anyone who wants to make a quick improvement in all aspects of their swim stroke technique. One-on-one time with Mark enables a personalised approach to you, in a world-class pool at a time to suit you in the week.

When and where are the sessions?

  Our 1-2-1 sessions take place at:

   Castle Rock School

   Meadow Lane




   We have regualr slots booked on:

   Monday and Tuesday evening  6 - 7 pm. 

Do I need any equipment?

An open mind and a positive attitude will help, plus a few swimming toys to aid learning


    • Pull buoy
    • Fins
    • Paddles


Finis Tempo Trainer – Useful for working on arm turnover rates, and in training sessions for timing.

Finis Agility Paddles – Unique paddles with no straps, this encourages feel for the water and reduced dropping of the wrist in the catch

Finis Freestyler Paddles – Usually used as training paddles these also help with alignment under the water and provide feedback on ‘S’ in the pull phase

Finis Axis Pull Buoy – This is a unique take on the pull and one of the key ‘toys’ we use.  It isolates the legs more by fixing around the ankles and encourages core activation.

Finis Snorkel – Useful for exercises when rotating to breathe is distracting.

Finis Fins – Short stiff fins to provide some extra propulsion, essential for many drills.  However not too big so they change the dynamics of the kick.

Finis Pull Buoy – Standard pull buoy 

What feedback will I get?

During the session, we use under and over water video to show you during the session what you look like.  If you have paid for a 'formal' video summary we will capture your swim technique from a range of angles and provide a video summary with key points and actions. This is uploaded to a password-protected YouTube file which you can view on a range of devices and at your leisure.  You can also download this file. 

How do I book?

Continue down and view the available times on the calendar, when you are ready to purchase do so, and you will be able to book your time slots.


Ready to Purchase? 

  • 3 x 1-2-1 Pool sessions with video analysis in sessions 1 & 3.
  • Reserved lane 
  • Using OnForm, we get feedback on your stroke and drill execution throughout all sessions
  • Action Plan for improving your stroke
  • Money-back guarantee

Using our online booking app, you can see available slots and book your preferred time and date.  Coached athletes receive a 15% discount.

For 121 sessions, choose 3 x 1hr Swim Technique Session in the options below - or choose the Calendar option to see which 121 slots are available.